What exactly am I looking at?
- Xavier

"Evolution is a real time simulation of the evolutionary process." So it's going to take me 17 million years to finish level one?
- Carl aka the first one to make this joke, probably not the last.

Its not really a game.  
- Seth

Good luck with the evolve thing.
- Mom

This game is offensive to my religious beliefs, downvoted.
- Dsrt_Pnk (dessert pink or desert punk probably)

I'm not sure I'm able to set aside a 100 million years of free time to play a realtime simulation of evolution
- Another guy to make this joke, still funny though.

Maybe disable the youtube ad?
- Someone who doesn't want youtube to make money.

spore + osmos. Not intresting.
- Jack

Looks very interesting, when will you finish it?
- Another Jack, the one who can spell interesting.

So basically Spore on crack? 10 outta 10
- Obviously an extremely intelligent and attractive person.