Click Here for the Primordial Soup Demo

This is a scaled down version of Evolution - Primordial Soup. This is actually just a cross section of creatures created in all running instances of Evolution (alpha world). It should change if you refresh the demo but no evolving is going on here. Eventually one of these creatures will dominate this demo and you would probably want to refresh. The full version of Primordial Soup has the ability to control and help the creatures you want to evolve (otherwise they just evolve on their own, cheeky buggers). It also uploads and downloads creatures to the pool you are currently looking at which effectively links all instances into one continuously evolving world. You can view their stats & smite those that displease you. These guys can evolve their structure, attack, defense, sensors, food storage, and a very complex set of behaviors in response to their environment. There are a nearly infinite number of possible creatures and, to be honest, I am not sure how interesting this is going to get.